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Опубликовано: 16.04.2017

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Viking Knit Weave Tutorial – Astonishing Norse jewelry discovered in hoards and burial sites reveal Vikings were highly skilled craftsmen. viking jewelry was beautifully мейд and it’s still reproduced today in modern times.

Ancient Viking jewelry was in most cases мейд of silver or bronze and sometimes gold. Many Viking ornaments featured images of animals, particularly twisting shapes of snakes.

Both men and women loved wearing jewelry such as rings, brooches, bracelets and necklace. It was a sign of their wealth and status in the society.

Poor people often мейд jewelry from bronze, pewter or old animal bones. The Vikings мейд all their tools themselves and everyone was expected to master wrought iron as well wood. Being a craftsman was very popular during the Viking Age. There was always work and demand for skilled craftsmen.

The Vikings created jewelry by making a wax mold and pouring melted metal into it.   The wax mold was broken once the metal had cooled and the piece was buffed until it shone.   This is called the “lost wax” method.   Early in their history the Norse jewelry was very simple but later the Vikings created beautiful, intricate pieces.


The Vikings picked up jewelry fashions from other countries and later changed them to their own style.

It was a common practice to use jewelry as a form of currency.

Vikings wore arm and neck rings, usually мейд of silver, from which they would hack pieces off to make payment for goods and services. This type of jewelry is referred to as hack silver.

With coins, spectacular arm-rings, ingots (metal bars) and lots of fragments of chopped-up pieces – known as ‘hacksilver’ – the Silverdale Hoard provided a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Vikings in Lancashire.

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